Engineer by Day, Chef by Night Cutting Board


At Barrington Brewery in Great Barrington, MA

To the left is me, Kika. I’m American but was born and partially grew up in Venezuela. Growing up, I loved going out to to eat with my family and traveling with them through the U.S. and Europe. I do most of the writing, editing and photography for GG Kitchen Travel.

To the right is Dave. His ancestry is heavily “Made in the USA”. He loves spicy foods and constantly challenges himself in that realm. He’s the head chef at home and the quality check for the blog and all of our food and travel endeavors.

We’re both engineers and recent newlyweds with a love for food and learning. We’re curious about the history and cultures behind every food item. So in this blog, we’ll include cool facts about ingredients, techniques, the different cuisines, our favorite places we’ve been to to eat or to find ingredients, as well as a lot of our mishaps / lessons learned while trying out recipes.

If you’ve ever had a meal and wondered, “Where did this dish—or ingredient—come from?” Or found yourself with a box full of a single ingredient and asked yourself, “What on Earth can I make with 20 jalapeños?” You’ve come to the right place.

If like us, you’re curious about the culinary world and want us to delve into a particular topic, contact us with a question and we’ll address it in a future post!

Safe travels,
Kika & Dave.

  A gift from my cousins Molina and Rojas: A box of Venezuelan chocolates from La Praline Chocolatier with a painting of the Avila, part of the cordillera in the coastal region of central-northern Venezuela.
Link to my heritage: a box of Venezuelan chocolates (gift from my cousins Molina and Rojas) from La Praline Chocolatier; the box shows a painting of the Avila, part of the Venezuelan Coastal Range in the Maritime Andes.