Belgian Street Food at Saus Boston

From top left clockwise: Session Lager, Frik, Green Monster Sauce, Hand-Cut Fries, and Poutine

Woohoo! We’re finally reaching true New England winter weather. After last year’s let down with its near-non-existent skiing season, this year we’re finally reaching near-zero and slightly sub-zero temperatures (depending on where you’re standing in the region).

Sure, one alternates between the excitement of piled-up snow, the grudge against slushied sidewalks, the heart-warming Christmas decorations, and the slightly-excruciating pain of improperly-covered extremities that nearly succumb to the cruel, piercing cold. Nevertheless. What better time of year to find your favorite spot to escape the cold, warm up with your favorite comfort food, and sip (or chug) on your new favorite beer?

After dropping off family at Logan Airport, Dave and I figured we’d find something to do in Boston. Dave wanted to go ice skating; a new outdoor rink had opened by City Hall. I figured, “Hey! Let’s try a new place not on Quincy Market!” since, for whatever reason, my family nearly always went exclusively to Quincy Market / Faneuil Hall when we visited Boston. So I googled restaurants by City Hall and found Saus Boston.

Long story short, we did not ice skate (though we did walk by the area), and it turns out City Hall is next to Quincy Market. And so is Saus Boston… There goes my geographical awareness.

Porter in the front, Lager in the back
Walls decorated with framed comics

Dave was both really impressed and inspired by the spot. You walk into this relatively small place, a few tables, walls decorated with framed comics, and your ordering counter below colored-on chalkboards listing the menu items. You look at the menu and feel the immediate magic of, not only the emphasis on fries, crispy Belgian fried “hot dogs” (Frik or Frikandel), sweet waffles, and gravy-covered POUTINE—though Québécoise, people also enjoy poutine in Belgium[3] —but also the list of SAUCES you can add to your fries and other foods. Just the idea of more than a dozen sauces makes me excited to come back and try the others. If you scroll back up, the first image of this post shows the Green Monster sauce. I know the point is to try Belgian food, but I must be honest on the fact that I am especially fond of this sauce since it reminds me of a variety of Hispanic sauces used to accompany steak. Aside from the brightness of the cilantro, you can sense a flavor similar to ají dulce but less sweet, which makes sense based on their use of habanero peppers. Let me rephrase my statement to I am enamored with this sauce and can’t wait to try the others. It’s like fries getting a royal treatment.

As you enjoy the comfort of street food indoors and their selection of beers (if you so choose to drink), Saus provides you with a warm, cozy escape from the cold. Dave and I sat surrounded by wooden furniture, comics, and the occasional couple and groups of friends meeting up or looking for a spot to remove their winter jackets. We eventually finished our meal, and with the mild grin of a satisfied belly, we let ourselves stay just a bit longer before venturing back into the slushied streets.

Cozy Spot

Happy snow hopping,
Dave & Kika

Updated picture (March 2017)


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[Bonus link FYI]: “11 Budget Belgian Street Foods (for Less than $10)
by Agness Walewinder of, 18 April 2013


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